eing a new bride has all the makings of a fairy tale come true wrapped into the chaos of so many things to do, so many people to please, and so many opinions to consider. It can be overwhelming amidst all the excitement. This is why your choice of The Lily Rose for your wedding attire and what is worn by your entire entourage will assure that at least one aspect of your special day is completely taken care of. We are as passionate about your event as you are!


We know that you want to look, feel and be the center of attention as this is YOUR day, filled with enchantment, celebration, and eternal love. Most important of all, you want to be able to express your own individuality in what you wear, and we understand this completely. That is why we have carefully selected designers with a flair for bringing stunning, impeccable style to woman of all shapes, sizes, tastes, interests, and ages.


With The Lily Rose by your side, your wedding attire will be a piece of cake. We’ve even identified exceptional resources that we will be happy to refer to you to help you plan every aspect of your event down to the minutest details.